May 16, 2008

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Show Summary: Hezbollah targets the Lebanese media: the real definition of "green collar"; and Bob's hate love relationship with the new Newseum.

Taking Fire

In last week’s clashes in Beirut, Hezbollah targeted the headquarters of the Al Mustaqbal television station and newspaper. But this wasn’t a simple case of media suppression. Rami Khouri, editor at large at the Daily Star in Lebanon, explains the political significance of the attacks.

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Best Seats in the House

With many reporters skipping White House press briefings in these waning days of the Bush administration, journalists from some very obscure news outlets are moving up to the front row. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank thinks that's as it should be.

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Just Say Know

Methamphetamine addiction has overwhelmed many western states. So in 2005 the Montana Meth Project was launched. The group approached the meth crisis as a consumer marketing problem and created a shocking ad campaign, which Executive Director Nitsa Zuppas claims has been a dramatic success.

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Real Noticias

As California's Spanish-speaking population continues to grow, so do ratings for the Spanish-language local news. Univision's broadcasts are the most watched in the city. Former L.A. Times reporter Joe Matthews compared Spanish and English local news broadcasts for six weeks and found that the Spanish-language broadcasts also led ...

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Feet Fight

The Associated Press has joined with Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS in a lawsuit against South Dakota over a law forbidding exit polling with in 100 feet of a voting place. South Dakota Secretary of State Chris Nelson says exit polling can impinge on the voting ...

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Word Watch: Green Collar

The political candidates are starting to agree that "green collar jobs" are key to our economic and environmental future but they don't agree on the definition of a green collar job. Environmental leader Phil Angelides and reporter Russ Juskalian parse out what the term has come ...

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News as Muse

Join Bob as he visits the Newseum, a 250,000 square foot museum about news that has opened in Washington DC. After expressing a healthy share of cynicism about some Newseum artifacts, he finds some meaning in the 4-D movies, the news history gallery, and even the likeness of James Madison ...

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