November 19, 2004

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Friday, November 19, 2004


A brand new Wordwatch, plus: was the election really all about moral values?

Face the Nations

On Monday, the world learned that the United States would soon have a new representative in charge of diplomacy abroad. What's been the reaction to National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice's ascension to Secretary of State? Brooke turns for answers to our trusty foreign media watcher UPI editor in chief Martin ...


The Good Soldier

And so Colin Powell won't be taking part in Bush Term Two. His legacy is uncertain, but while in office, he was by far the cabinet's most popular member. Sympathetic observers attribute Powell's positive ratings to his up-by-the-bootstraps bio, straight-talking manner, and air of loyalty. But might he have been ...


Army of Three

Last month, the FCC hit Fox stations with the largest ever aggregate fine for indecency on TV. The offending material was a scene on the short-lived reality show "Married by America," involving strippers and whipped cream. Regulators said the move was triggered by 159 citizen complaints. But blogger Jeff ...


Story of the Moral

We've all by now heard about the sleeper factor in Election '04: moral values voters. But recently, some commentators have been questioning that explanation. They point to new data from the Pew Center showing that voters identify "moral values" as their biggest concern only when presented with a multiple choice ...


Media in a Blue State

Perhaps history will determine that the so-called values gap was a myth based on misleading exit-poll data. But even if the values gap is a myth, it's still likely that the media's knowledge gap about the American electorate is all too real. Peter Johnson, media columnist for USA Today, surveyed ...


Wordwatch: Evangelical

Question: What do you call the demographic of American Protestants with especially conservative social beliefs? Answer: Unclear. The group formerly known as the "Christian Right" has made it known that they'd rather be referred to as "Evangelicals." Not so fast, say liberal Evangelicals who vote Democratic, and who protest the ...


Ocean State Standoff

A reporter in Providence, Rhode Island this week joined the ranks of reporters facing jail time for refusing to disclose a confidential source. Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press executive director Lucy Dalglish weighs in on what it portends for the health of American journalism.


Spies in the House of Lost Love

All's not well in Langley. That's the impression, at least, created by headlines in recent weeks. This week, two high-level CIA officials joined the exodus of malcontents from the agency that was triggered by the naming of Porter Goss as the CIA's new chief. But the way the story has ...


Spying Dull, Bureaucratic!

There's been plenty of finger-pointing within America's intelligence community in the wake of 9/11 and the lead-up to war in Iraq. But the many failures of the CIA are not only worrying. They're also rather shocking. And that's because they contradict everything that books, TV, and movies have led us ...


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