November 12, 2004

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Friday, November 12, 2004


The information war in Iraq and more.

Sunni Triangulating

For months the news in Iraq has been of bombings and beheadings, ambushes and assassinations – a guerilla war defined by the guerillas. And then suddenly it was war once again – American style, or at least American media style. When the name of the siege of Fallujah was changed ...


The Pistol and the Olive Branch

For 40 years the father of the Palestinian independence movement, Yasir Arafat carefully cultivated – some might say crafted – an effective image as the face and symbol of his people’s struggle. If everything is controversial when it comes to Arafat, it is also contradictory. Depending on which Arafat you ...


Pop the Question

Could the election have been stolen? Since Kerry conceded, the blogosphere has been abuzz with reports of polling irregularities, and allegations of all-out fraud. Over the course of the week, new organizations’ inboxes were deluged by emails demanding answers. And gradually, the mainstream media began to pick up the strands. ...


Spies Like Us

"Open source" intelligence is, roughly speaking, the sea of public information we swim in – things like news reports, academic studies, and scientific research. And it plays an increasing role in plans to restructure U.S. intelligence agencies. The 9/11 Commission report recommended creating a new agency to better use "open ...


The Sound of Ashcroft

This week, John Ashcroft tendered his resignation as Attorney General of the United States. From his fractious confirmation, through September 11th and the passage of the Patriot Act, he has left a lasting legal legacy. Goodbyes are never easy, but as Ashcroft sings his swan song, Bob takes the opportunity ...



Readers weigh in on our retrospective of Bush administration secrecy, as well as our story on the dirtiest word in the English language.


Hacks 'R' Us

Sick and tired of the mindless pap that constitutes campaign coverage, New York Press columnist Matt Taibbi finally decided to take action. This year, he launched the First Quadrennial Election Hack Invitational. The goal of the tournament was to determine America’s worst political reporter, the wretch who truly deserves the ...


Don't Let the Beat Stop

This month, the legendary Jimmy Breslin retired from writing his thrice weekly column for Newsday. For over forty years, his column entertained and infuriated readers with tales of colorful New York City characters, and the occasional bombshell investigative story. Jon Kalish compiled this profile of a man famous for his ...


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