November 5, 2004

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Friday, November 05, 2004


A President is re-elected and TV doesn't screw up the numbers…much.

Handled With Care

It was the most important election, we were told, of our lifetimes. And as we anxiously watched the news anchors on Tuesday evening, they watched the exit polls with just as much anticipation. But unlike 2000, when the networks barged through the night to a premature declaration of victory for ...


Returns to Power

It was an exhausting evening for everybody, and especially for Kerry supporters who bothered to look at early exit poll returns on the Internet. Those numbers showed Kerry ahead in all the crucial states, and so by the end of the night, how the seemingly mighty had fallen. But it ...


Europe, You're Down

The front page of a section in the London’s Guardian newspaper on Thursday was all black, save two white words in the middle of the page: “Oh, God.” The reaction to Bush’s victory in much of the rest of the European press was only slightly more muted. Brooke gets a ...


Deep Freeze

Over the past four years, OTM has often been accused of tilting in the direction of the president’s opponents. And we’ll be the first to admit that criticism has flowed often from these fonts. But we do, after all, focus on media, and the news media rely on the free ...


Lights Out

Government secrecy was not a big issue in the Presidential campaign. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a major difference in the candidates’ respective attitudes on the issue. Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy joins Bob to discuss four more years of what many ...


Innocent Accounting Errors

Last week, the British medical journal The Lancet published a study estimating the number of Iraqi civilians who have died as a result of the war at 100 thousand. It’s a staggering number, especially considering that previous estimates had been about one-fifth of that. Brooke talks to Human Rights Watch ...


The C-Word

It begins with C, rhymes with grunt, and refers to female anatomy. And its origins and usage were the subject of a freelancer’s story in the Chicago Tribune last week. But when editors decided that the story shouldn’t run after all, it was already too late, and staffers had to ...


The Persuaders

The Kerry and Bush camps are packing up their campaign offices, having collectively burned an estimated one billion dollars on advertising over the course of the campaign. The figure is bigger every four years, it’s probably safe to say, because ads work. In the Frontline documentary “The Persuaders,” which airs ...


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