October 29, 2004

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Friday, October 29, 2004


Brooke reviews coverage of the explosive explosive case and why some journalists just can't get away from the horserace.

Blast Off

On Monday, The New York Times broke a story suggesting that Bush administration war planners failed to secure an enormous stockpile of explosives in post-Saddam Iraq. The story was immediately consumed in the campaign inferno, and the candidates spent their final days on the stump trading accusations, even as the ...


Kill the Messenger

An article in this week's New Republic lays out a four-fold endgame strategy by the Bush campaign. Phase one: go on attack. Phase two: roll back time to before 9-11. Phase three: soften the president's image. And phase four: KILL THE MESSENGER. The article's author, Ryan Lizza, tells Bob how ...


The Debate Effect

While it's unclear how many undecided voters were swayed by the presidential debates, the three duels do seem to have set the tone for media coverage in recent weeks. A new study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism found that in early October, 59% of mainstream news stories about ...


The Lie Downers

Try as they might, political journalists just can't seem to get past the horse race. There's been just as much (if not more) tactical coverage this year as ever. But there is one bright spot this time around, and that's the proliferation of fact-checking. Brooks Jackson, founder of factcheck.org, joins ...


Drive to Win

As we've all seen, voters in those all-important states are being swamped by ads and canvassing in a last ditch attempt to close the sale. In one of the more novel tactics, the Bush campaign has taken to sponsoring local radio traffic reports. In many swing-state markets, listeners can now ...


Tender is the Night

On Tuesday, the networks will rely on a new apparatus for determining poll results. It's called the National Election Pool, and it has risen from the ashes of the Voter News Service, which led the networks to call Florida for Gore in 2000. The NEP will be doing exit polling, ...



Listeners weigh in on OTM's coverage of the campaign coverage.


Doing the Scary Laugh Week After Week

Halloween arrives this weekend, even though for about half the country, this year's Fright Night will occur the following Tuesday. But until the mid-seventies, spookiness was delivered not only via the network news, but also by locally produced late-night TV. OTM's Rex Doane looks back on the genre of horror ...


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