October 22, 2004

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Friday, October 22, 2004


Why polls are bad and newspaper endorsements don't matter!

King of the Hill

Since the days of President Jimmy Carter, incumbent presidents angling for another term have had a 50 percent success rate. Not so with candidates further down the ballot. For Congress members, re-election has increasingly become as sure a thing as death and taxes. WNYC's Bob Hennelly reports from New Jersey ...


When Buckeyes Attack

A few weeks ago, a British newspaper kicked off a campaign to win hearts and minds in the swing state of Ohio. The Guardian asked concerned Britons to write directly to voters in a hotly contested county, and implore them to vote for Kerry. Ohioans were less then impressed. While ...


Poll Crazy

The conflicting methodologies of the various pollsters, from ABC to Zogby, have resulted in election forecasts that are all over the map. But the media are unswayed by the lack of certainty, and continue to shower us with more polls. Philip J. Trounstine, director of the Survey and Policy Research ...


Polls Be Gone

Election polling will soon come to an end, and the public will once again be free to keep its opinions to itself. Pollsters will likely use the quiet to recalibrate their methodologies in preparation for the next big race. But some skeptics aren't convinced that progress lies in creating a ...


Market vs. Message

Two weeks ago, Sinclair Broadcasting Group unleashed a hornet's nest when it ordered its 62 local TV stations to air a documentary attacking John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activities. Advertisers pulled out in the face of a boycott threat, and Sinclair's stock plummeted. This week, Sinclair appeared to backtrack, announcing it ...


Stand by Our Man

There's more than a week left before the election, but many have cast their votes already, including Americans abroad, shut-ins, and newspapers. Editor & Publisher senior editor Joe Strupp has been tracking editorial endorsements in a daily roundup, and joins Bob to discuss the backroom process through which editorial boards ...


Back Page Power

Another weekend, another round of endorsements. But in the end, how much influence do the editorial pages have over voters' choices on election day? The answer depends on the candidate's position on the ballot. The further down you go, the more voters depend on their trusted dailies. But where presidential ...


Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Have you ever watched the candidates slip up at the stump, and concluded that if given the chance, you could do better? Whether it's Bush talking about the "hard work" of the presidency or Kerry invoking the phrase "global test," many of us have imagined ourselves in the driver's seat ...


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