October 15, 2004

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Friday, October 15, 2004


The President's bulge, looking back at the October Surprise and more...

Measure for Measure

Throughout the last few weeks of hotly-contested presidential debates, a quieter debate has centered on the media's role in covering the stage shows. Slowly but surely, journalists have started checking the candidates' claims against the facts. But are all misrepresentations born equal? A recent internal memo at ABC News urged ...


Media Meddlers

The presidential race dominated the news in the American media last week. Newspapers in Europe were following the race as well. Brooke gets an international perspective from Ed Finn, who writes about the foreign press for Slate.com.


Can't Cover the Bulge

When George W. walked out on the stage in Arizona this week, viewers at home could be forgiven for copping a peek at the president's back. Whether or not they could see something there, between the shoulder blades, under the suit jacket, probably depended on their predisposition to a certain ...


Photo Realism

Last week, a photographer for a Missouri student newspaper was assigned to cover a campus political rally. During the event, she inadvertently photographed a theft in progress. The student offered to show the image to the police, but instead, they confiscated her camera. And with that, the incident entered the ...


Generation Text

The advent of new communication technologies inevitably brings cries of horror from linguistic purists who fear for the sanctity of proper English. And so it is with cell phone text messaging, popular for years in Europe and gaining traction in America. The constraints of typing messages on a tiny screen ...


Sinclair's Stolen Honor

The Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its 62 local TV stations to preempt their usual programming for a commercial-free airing of "Stolen Honor," a documentary critical of John Kerry. Criticism from Kerry supporters was swift, and activists have targeted local advertisers with a boycott campaign. Sinclair may be guilty of ...


Local News, Local Democracy

Several reliable polls suggest that for most Americans, local TV newscasts are a prime source of information about local government. But a recent study found that in the weeks leading up to the 2002 elections, about half of the local newscasts in the top 50 markets didn't air a single ...


October Surprise

Ever since 1980, the idea of an "October Surprise" has fascinated political junkies everywhere. The term originated with allegations that the Reagan campaign made a secret arrangement with Iranian hostage-takers in order to discredit President Carter. As a tactic, it has provided a successful model for election sabotage, and few ...


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