September 17, 2004

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Friday, September 17, 2004


But while the talking heads went back and forth over the authenticity of the CBS documents, did they lose sight of the bigger picture?

The Longest 60 Minutes

Since CBS weighed in last week with its own expose of George W. Bush's National Guard service, the rest of the media have been consumed with the story behind that story. But while the talking heads went back and forth over the authenticity of the CBS documents, did they lose ...


Who Said What Now?

When high-ranking government sources refuse to go on the record, what's a reporter to do? All too often, they're given no choice but to dub the official with the perennial anonymous catchall: "senior administration official." So how is a reader to deduce which official is which? Harry Jaffe, national editor ...


Kerry Takes No Questions

The media have long complained about President Bush's scarceness with the press. After all, he's held fewer solo press conferences than any of his predecessors in 50 years. By way of contrast, a President Kerry would grant one press conference per month - or so he has promised. But candidate ...


Communications Breakdown

Do you like how the public airwaves are being used? FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, for one, emphatically does not. As the Republicans gathered last month in New York, Copps decried the networks' skimpy convention coverage. And in condemning the general state of broadcast television, he heartily bit the hand that ...


Paper Tiger in Tehran

This week, the PBS series "Wide Angle" will broadcast a new documentary on the inner workings of the Iranian news media. "Red Lines and Deadlines" takes viewers behind the scenes at Shargh, one of the country's few remaining reform newspapers. Director Taghi Amirani tells Brooke how the year-old paper has ...


Genocide Handbook

If you'd like to cleanse your country of a minority population and prevent the media from getting the word out, you may want to talk to Omar al Bashir. He's the president of Sudan, which, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell, bears responsibility for the systematic killing of tribal ...


Commercial Success

Ever since the Beach Boys sang about losing their T-Bird, consumer products have often appeared in pop music lyrics. But artists weren’t paid for those product placements (though songs like Run DMC’s “My Adidas” resulted in lucrative backend deals). Lately, the negotiating has crept into the creative process itself. Bob ...


Death of the Single

The 45 was once the dominant musical medium. From Elvis to the Beatles to the Supremes, that round little disc with the big hole in the middle defined the early rock 'n' pop era. New technologies have since swept the single aside, but there are some die-hards who refuse to ...


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