Journalists as People

Friday, September 10, 2004

A good portion of 21st-century news consumers no longer believe in objectivity. They know it isn't possible. And yet the public expects reporters to always play it down the middle, delivering the facts and only the facts, unencumbered by bias. But to what lengths should reporters go? Can they report fairly on beats that encroach on their personal lives? Should they vote? Brooke canvassed an array of (objective) sources and compiled this report.

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Genie Abrams from Newburgh, N.Y.

As a journalist, i stand with Kinsley 100%. My grampa came to this country because it was a democracy; i chose journalism as a career because i'm glad he did, and i want to preserve and extend that democracy. I certainly can't do that by not-voting. And, why should i lie? i'm proud to tell people i'm a registered Democrat who has voted for Republicans locally many times.

Mar. 28 2009 08:55 PM

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