August 27, 2004

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Friday, August 27, 2004


The controversy around the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" ads and more!

Not So Swift

The controversy around the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" ads posed a classic controversy for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. Should the candidate discredit the mudslingers before the mud sticks, or should he ignore what appears to be sideline noise, so as not to create something of nothing? Brooke talks to Chad ...


Balance & Lies

When the leading newspapers finally joined the Swift Boat fray this week, they helped to expose the ads as unsubstantiated smears against Senator Kerry's reputation. But the ad campaign itself has also exposed a fundamental weakness in our contemporary press culture. The American Prospect's executive editor Michael Tomasky tells Brooke ...


Marginal Understanding

It's campaign season, which means that we are inundated every day with new results from public opinion polling of "likely voters." But rarely do these reports include information about the polls' margin of error. And even when they do, it's often obvious that the reporter doesn't understand what the margin ...


Pledge This!

Just in time for the end of summer, OTM reaches back into the vaults to retrieve this day-in-the-life tale of struggling public radio station WACLU. The extended parody chronicles the tribulations of WACLU ("87.1 - All the way to the left"), which broadcasts its news-and-dulcimer music format from small studios ...


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