August 20, 2004

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Friday, August 20, 2004


An identity crisis in New Jersey and more!

Fog Machine

Fighting in the Iraqi city of Najaf appeared to be reaching a resolution on Friday, after a tense standoff between U.S. forces and followers of the Shiite cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr. But two week's worth of headline coverage hardly made a dent in the prevailing image of Al-Sadr here at home ...


That's Entertainment

Take the world's best amateur athletes, put them together for two weeks of healthy competition, throw in some good old-fashioned jingoism, and what do you get? A sporting event that many American sports fans couldn't care less about. Mike Pesca looks at how NBC is packaging the Olympics for an ...


Let Them Leak

A judge found five reporters in contempt of court this week for refusing to divulge their sources for information besmirching the reputation of Chinese-American scientist Wen Ho Lee. And journalists were slapped with yet more subpoenas in the investigation into the outing of former CIA agent Valerie Plame. Media reps ...


Izzy Rules

Fifteen years ago this summer, American journalism lost one of its greatest practitioners. I.F. Stone worked for many newspapers, but always refused to play by the rules of the Washington press corps. Still, Izzy Stone was ahead on covering McCarthyism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War. OTM producer ...


Identity Crisis

Americans nationwide reacted with shock last week when New Jersey governor James McGreevey came out of the closet on live TV. But there was little surprise on the part of the state's press corps. Rumors about McGreevey's sexuality and his "special relationship" with advisor Golan Cipel had been circulating for ...


Spin the Tail

George W. Bush may be the first president since Hoover to preside over a net job loss, but one industry has boomed under his watch - political truth-squadding. In the last three-and-a-half years, Bryan Keefer, for one, has become a veteran vetter. The co-author of All the President's Spin tells ...


Kerry's FCC Change

The media issues at stake in the presidential campaign have thus far mostly centered on which candidate reads more newspapers. But recently John Kerry hinted that he also has big plans for shaking up the FCC. Mike talks to Editor & Publisher reporter Mark Fitzgerald about what national media policies ...


Lollywood Goes Pop

In recent years, Pakistani film stars, musicians, and directors have been relocating to Bombay, the center of India's film industry. Some are motivated by improving relations between the nuclear neighbors. But others are simply fleeing a dying industry. OTM's Miranda Kennedy reports from Lahore - otherwise known as "Lollywood" - ...


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