July 23, 2004

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Friday, July 23, 2004


The year of the web log at the DNC and more.

UnConventional Correspondents

In politics, 2004 is shaping up to be the year of the weblog. During the primary, candidates discovered they could raise money from supporters by featuring blogs on their websites. And for the first time, bloggers have been accredited to cover this summer's political conventions. They'll be allowed to visit ...


A Cause for Alarm

Critics of big media, thus far focused mainly on the FCC, have taken their fight to the FTC. MoveOn.org and Common Cause this week asked the Federal Trade Commission to strip Fox News of its "Fair and Balanced" slogan on the grounds that it amounts to false advertising. It's the ...


Out With the Old

There's a mutiny afoot at the Voice of America. This month, about half of VOA's staffers petitioned Congress, charging the agency's overseers, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, with irresponsibly dismantling the 62-year old service. Chief among their concerns is BBG’s decision to replace VOA's Arabic service with the much more ...


In With No News

The disgruntlement that's boiled over at the Voice of America has been brewing for years. Since 9/11, many staffers have felt that the editorial firewall between the government and VOA's journalists has been steadily crumbling. Brooke speaks with former VOA Acting Director Myrna Whitworth, who was replaced after she defied ...


America, the Product

From MTV to Jack Daniels to Pizza Hut, it's not hard to market American products overseas. But that doesn't mean it's easy to sell America itself. In March, Bob explored how business strategies could be used by diplomats to exchange Brand America for the hearts and minds of the rest ...


Private Eyes

How scared should we really be about thieves accessing our credit card bills? And how has the growing reach of the internet affected the limits of our privacy? Steven Rambam, a private investigator who makes heavy use of online databases in his daily work, has some disturbing answers. He gives ...


Steal this Login

You've probably had this problem: Somebody forwards you a story from a major newspaper, you click on the link, and the page opens up. But before you can read the story, you need to answer some basic, but increasingly irritating questions. Wired News reporter Rachel Metz tells Bob about a ...


Here a Cult, There a Cult

This weekend The Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club gathers for its annual convention in New York City. Few films can claim Rocky Horror's cult pedigree, but that doesn't mean that they don't try. And as their newfound Hollywood appeal illustrates, the idea of what makes a cult movie is ...


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