June 25, 2004

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Friday, June 25, 2004


It's not that John Kerry is invisible. But Howard Dean says his former opponent is too preoccupied stating his positions to be of much media interest.

Hand it Over

When the so-called handover of sovereignty from the Coalition Provisional Authority takes place in Iraq on Wednesday, the Iraqi Media Network will be one of the institutions that changes hands. Network officials say it will form the backbone of a new public broadcasting service in Iraq, but critics counter that ...


In Visible Offense

With his poll numbers slipping even on issues previously dominated by Republicans, and critical media coverage of his administration higher-ups making headlines every day, the president and inner circle have been visibly dodging and deflecting for several weeks now. But where is John Kerry? Is the Democratic challenger intentionally lying ...


Deregulation Update

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia this week joined the ranks of those who disapprove of the FCC's recent decision to relax media ownership caps. Bob and Brooke give a brief update on the status of the deregulation skirmishes.


Driven to Download

While the recording industry presses on with its lawsuits against online music downloaders, there are indications that more people are file sharing than ever before. Ever since the early days of Napster, file sharers have said that a prime attraction of the peer-to-peer services has been the unavailability of quality ...


Wilco Keeps it Real

When a band refuses to play by the music industry's rules, does it thereby give up all chances of success? Not necessarily, if the story of Wilco is any indication. The band's brand-new album is yet another example of how it has continuously resisted categorization, and in doing so, defied ...


Don't Touch That Radio Dial

Since its inception three and a half decades ago, public radio has evolved from a network of stations primarily broadcasting classical music to a source for nearly around-the-clock news and information programming. The gradual change was largely the result of extensive audience research showing that more people were interested in ...


Glenn Gould's Media

Some audience research suggests that classical music lovers shun modernity, but one of the best-known classical pianists embraced everything the latest electronic media had to offer. Halfway through his creative life, Glenn Gould renounced live performance and declared he would henceforth express himself solely through media. OTM's Senior Producer Arun ...



Most people - music lovers or not - know the dastardly feeling of getting a tune lodged in your head, and not being able to get it out. Brazilians call such tunes chiclete de ouvido, or "ear chewing gum." Here they're known as "earworms." Brooke offers this rumination on the ...


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