June 18, 2004

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Political documentaries do some heavy lifting this election cycle and much more.

The Connection

The 9-11 Commission concluded this week that there is no credible evidence of a collaboration between Iraq and al Qaeda in planning the attacks on America. The President and other administration officials deny they ever said there was a collaboration… but maintain that there was contact. What part do the ...



Al Qaeda is thriving on the Internet. It's a phenomenon that is difficult to trace - and even to locate - for Westerners who don't speak Arabic. Radio Free Europe Central Asia analyst Daniel Kimmage gives Brooke a peek at the vast and sometimes disturbing world of the "Jihadist Internet."


Beating Berlusconi

Last weekend, Italy held elections for its representatives to the European Parliament. As in other EU member states, the results were an upset for the ruling party. But in Italy, that upset was compounded. The ticket led by television journalist Lilli Gruber, who recently left the public TV station because ...


ConText Clues

A year ago, the alleged rape victim of NBA star Kobe Bryant exchanged a few text messages. The judge in the Bryant case says those messages could be "highly relevant" to the case and wants the cell phone company to produce the messages. That is possible - text messages, like ...


The Arizona Project

In June of 1976, Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles, who covered organized crime, was murdered in the middle of the day in downtown Phoenix. What followed was a unique collaboration between dozens of investigative reporters from around the country who forgot that they were competitors and converged on Phoenix to ...


The Right to Air Arms - Part 2

This week, the National Rifle Association went live on Sirius satellite radio with its 3-hour daily talk show. The NRA says its media aspirations, which include plans to eventually buy actual radio stations, are as much about the first amendment as they are about the second one. Specifically, the group ...


More and Moore Movies

This election season, cinematic fare has taken a decidedly political turn. Maybe it's Michael Moore, maybe it's the so-called politically divided nation, maybe it's that filmmakers can say what campaign advertisers cannot. Brooke explores the new tide of political documentaries and features, and their impact


What's up, Doc?

Production costs are usually the main barrier between filmmakers and a large audience of viewers. But until recently, even well-funded docs had to settle for extremely limited distribution opportunities. Then came the independent film revolution of the 1990's, Michael Moore, and the art-house multiplex. Bob speaks with film historian Peter ...


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