May 14, 2004

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Friday, May 14, 2004


The King of All Media takes on President Bush.

The News From Over There

Images of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US military have been circulating for a couple of weeks - now they are joined in the newspapers and on television, by images of the horrific beheading of an American civilian in Iraq. UPI Senior Editor Martin Walker spoke to Brooke about ...


War in the Digital Age

Members of congress viewed yet more photos from Abu Ghraib this week and were undecided as to whether to release them to the public or not. Some said that no matter what decision they came to it was inevitable that the pictures would get out there anyway. Peter Howe, a ...


Party of One

Howard Stern wants the Bush team out of the White House come November, and he's wielding his mighty mic to influence millions of listeners to vote. For his efforts he has won little support from Democrats who probably find the self-titled King of All Media a little too hot to ...


PBS Feels the Chill

Shock jocks are not the only ones feeling the hot breath of the FCC on the back of the neck. So has the high-tone Public Broadcasting Service. Recently, Masterpiece Theater, in consultation with PBS, cut not just the usual f-word but also the s-word, formerly acceptable-in-context, from the British series ...


Come Again?

Early next month, a new film opens called the Stepford Wives. Not that there hasn't been a "Stepford Wives" before. And finishing now for an imminent release is "The Manchurian Candidate." Sound familiar? And coming up early next year? King Kong! Raiding and retreading old movie classics is in itself, ...


Mud-Slinging Professional Style

After interviewing more than a thousand adults in the 18 battleground states that have been running campaign commercials since March, the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey found that 61 percent believe that President Bush favors sending jobs overseas, and that John Kerry voted for higher taxes 350 times, ...


Biased Balance

The editor of the Appleton Post Crescent had received calls charging that the paper was biased against President Bush, and moreover, that it never printed any letters supporting him. So the paper responded with an editorial that said, "if you would like to help us 'balance' things out, send us ...


The News At Teatime

Over 30 years ago, Al Primo changed local TV news forever when he created the 'Eyewitness News' format. Now he trolls for a different demographic…the Mary-Kate and Ashley type. 'Eyewitness Kids News' is currently on about 200 stations across the country. NPR's Mike Pesca spent some time with a news ...


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