April 16, 2004

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Friday, April 16, 2004


The latest on Iraq in the Arab press, Gmail and more...

Fanning the Flames

Arab anger about the occupation of Iraq has been nourished in recent weeks by images of death and destruction broadcast daily by the Arab media. Into that mix this week came the announcement by President Bush that Israel has the right to permanently annex parts of the West Bank, and ...


Podium Standoff

On the domestic front, the media event of the week came on Tuesday, when President Bush faced reporters in a rare prime-time press conference. Bush came prepared with a 17-minute speech, but journalists were also prepared with a list of questions that they hoped would derail POTUS from his litany ...


The Power of Reconciliation

In the decade since the genocide of 1994, the Rwandan government has masterfully exploited the guilt of the international community for increased foreign aid. But the genocide has also been used as a political club in the domestic arena, where it has often been wielded against the country's nascent media. ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


McLuhan on McLuhan

It's been four decades since media theorist Marshall McLuhan published his seminal volume Understanding Media. But there are many among us media types who still don't have a clue as to what the guy was trying to say. Sure, we all know that the medium is the message, but what, ...


Googly Eyes

To its growing list of Internet services, Google this month launched its own free email service. But scarcely a day had passed before privacy advocates were railing against "Gmail." At issue is a function that scans incoming messages in order to deliver targeted advertisements with the email. Bob talks to ...


Gay and Gamer

Among the many things easier done inside the world of a video game - things like flying, sword fighting, and princess saving - we can now add same-sex marriage. While lawmakers around the country grapple with the issue, the architects of such games as "The Sims 2" are making it ...


Can't Talk Now

In a society permeated with cell phones, it's getting harder and harder to be out of touch. Or, for that matter, to come up with excuses for not being able to talk. Enter German company Simeda, which has designed downloadable cell phone ambience that makes it sound as if you're ...


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