April 9, 2004

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Friday, April 09, 2004


War porn and more!

The Rice Show

On Thursday, National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice swore to tell the truth, and proceeded to give her long-awaited testimony to the 9/11 Commission. The jury's still out as to how effective her defense of the Bush administration was. But one thing was certain - it made for pretty good court ...


Iraq And A Hard Place

It's been a year since the world watched the fall of Saddam's reign, but violence and resentment continue to rush into the power vacuum left behind. This week, American troops were on the defensive across Iraq, as Shia rebels took up the fight that had been limited to Sunni areas. ...


Home Field Disadvantage

It's more precarious than it's ever been to report from the ground in Iraq, but the situation is especially grave for journalists native to the region. As of Friday, eleven journalists have died in Iraq this year, all of them either Iraqi or from other Arab countries. Brooke speaks with ...


War Porn

There was a time that novelist Jim Lewis favored the publication of graphic war photos, like those of the recent mob killing of Americans in Fallujah. Like many others, he believed that such images accurately conveyed the real horrors of war. But since he photographed the aftermath of a horrific ...


One Hundred Days

Ten years after the Rwandan genocide that killed close to a million people, the West finally seems ready to deal with it. This month, the airwaves have been flooded with memorials, documentaries, and feature films on the massacre. But two years ago, before many had revisited it, photojournalist Nick Hughes ...


A Perfect Vehicle for Criticism

This week the annual Pulitzer prizes were awarded, and among the many worthy recipients, the unlikeliest was Dan Neil, car critic for the Los Angeles Times. Unlikely, because with one exception, the criticism award has always gone to critics of the arts. But also because auto reviews tend to be ...



Last month, the Hartford Courant discovered that Central Connecticut State University president Richard Judd had plagiarized widely for an op-ed piece he wrote for the paper. The Courant reached that conclusion with the help of iParadigms, new software originally developed to nail students for cutting and pasting term papers. Will ...


Dogging the Wag

When it comes to information and inspiration for news stories, there are sources…and then there are wags. And over the years, the wags have contributed prodigiously to journalists in need. Usually, their contributions come in the form of quips. But who, in fact, are these wags? Bob sets out on ...


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