April 2, 2004

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Friday, April 02, 2004


FCC deregulation and more!

Nasty Boys

Spring has sprung in Washington, but with legislation pending that would boost fines for indecency to half-a-million dollars, the change in seasons hasn't kept a chill from descending on broadcasters nationwide. At least that's the view of Jesse Walker, radio historian and managing editor of Reason Magazine. Bob talks to ...


No Taste for Deregulation

Last month, righteous Congressional debates over smut on the airwaves were promptly followed by the House overwhelmingly approving the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004. But the bill's prospects in the Senate could prove somewhat more complicated. That's because Senator Byron Dorgan has amended the bill with a measure that ...


Ratings Gamed

For at least two years now, the conventional wisdom has been that CNN is playing catch-up with FOX News. It's true that FOX continues to pull in better Nielsen ratings than its cable news competitor. But what, exactly, does that mean? As Steve Rendall of the media watchdog group Fairness ...


Talk Radio: Game ON

"Air America Radio is on the air!" And with that, the political orientation of the AM dial shifted ever so slightly to the left this week. The programming lineup of the new radio network features outspoken "info-tainers" like Janeane Garofalo, Chuck D, and Al Franken, who has declared his primary ...


Alistair Cooke, Remembered

Legendary broadcaster Alistair Cooke died this week at the age of 95. For most Americans, Cooke was known as the erudite host of the PBS series Masterpiece Theatre. But for his fellow Britons, Cooke was much more esteemed for his weekly radio dispatches from across the pond, in the BBC's ...



Our interview last week with departing Morning Edition host Bob Edwards triggered a barrage of mail to the OTM inbox. Bob and Brooke offer a sampling of listener feedback.


We Bust, You Decide

The NBC affiliate in Philadelphia came under criticism recently for an investigative series about online sexual predators. For its story, the station teamed up with Perverted-Justice.com, a group of volunteer vigilantes who pose as children and troll chat rooms for men wanting sex. The men were invited to a designated ...


Release Getters

Nobody wants to get arrested. But when you are arrested, why not make the most of it? It turns out that suspects are often eager to sign a release for broadcast rights of the video of their arrest. That footage generally ends up on TV shows like COPS and World's ...


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