March 19, 2004

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Friday, March 19, 2004


Video news releases and more!!

Public Service or Public Relations?

With many Democrats steaming over revelations about the White House's efforts to get its Medicare overhaul approved last fall, media watchers this week were also wagging their fingers at the Administration's subsequent effort to take its Medicare message to the people. At issue is a government-produced "video news release," in ...


The Nightly News Sell

Plenty of observers were shocked and appalled to learn of "fake reporters" being used to sell the government's message. But the Bush Administration didn't invent the video news release. Government agencies have been producing VNRs for years, not to mention companies out to hawk their wares. Last year, Bob prepared ...


Chalabi in Charge

This week's one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq offered news organizations the opportunity to reflect on their coverage of the lead-up to war. And just in time, Knight Ridder reporters turned up more evidence that the U.S. media was used by those who directly stood to gain from ...


An Embed Reflects

The media were a strong and steady presence in the war against Saddam, partly because of a shift in military strategy. In previous wars the press had been kept at arm's length by the military, but its so-called "embedding" program allowed 800 reporters exclusive access to the action. In the ...


No Room for Dissent

Included in the federal government's 2004 appropriations bill is $145 million for ads promoting the War on Drugs, many of which appear in public transportation systems. But buried alongside that allotment is an amendment barring funding for any transit authority that runs ads critical of the drug war. The ACLU ...


No Money for Law-Breaking

As the ACLU makes clear, there are two sides to the drug policy debate. And there are, of course, two sides to the debate over the debate. Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook penned the amendment banning federal funding for transit authorities that run anti-Drug War ads. He tells Brooke why his ...


Cinema's (Still) Dead

Try as civilized society might to kill them, zombies just won't die. This week, the flesh-eating resurrected returned once again to the silver screen. The much-anticipated remake of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead includes some new and improved special effects, but the dead are still dead, and the story ...


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