March 5, 2004

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Friday, March 05, 2004


Garfield on Bush's attack ads and much more.

Nice Package

The bunting from Super Tuesday was hardly torn down when the President unleashed his first round of re-election ads this week. Critics are already lashing out at the Bush-Cheney campaign for exploiting 9/11 imagery, but at least one advertising critic thinks the spots are surprisingly tasteful, and restrained. Just so ...


D.H.S. - The Series

A disillusioned former CIA agent has been tapped to head up an elite new counter-terrorism force. His partner is the widow of his former partner, and is determined not to let anything undercut her love for and commitment to her government. Thus the stage is set for the new TV ...


The G-Word Shuffle

A humanitarian disaster is brewing in a remote western region of Sudan. Armed conflict has driven one million refugees from their homes, and survivors are telling stories of burned villages and ethnically motivated killings. Media coverage of the crisis has been scanty in the U.S., but some observers don't think ...


Says Who?

Media analysts have been wringing their hands more and more ferociously over the ubiquity of unidentified sources. And newspapers seem to be responding. Following similar moves by other papers, the New York Times this week instituted a new policy on the use of anonymous sources. But when it comes to ...


An Indecent Proposal

Last week, Clear Channel booted Howard Stern from its stations on the stated grounds of indecency. Some say the radio giant was tidying house before a date with Congress. But others - Stern included - point to his recent political left turn. They say he was silenced after using his ...


Underselling the Pirates

Under stepped-up pressure from north of the border, the Mexican government has begun cracking down on movie piracy. But at the same time, some DVD distributors are trying a new tack. They are selling legal DVDs to street vendors for less than the price-tags on the faked copies. OTM's Marianne ...


Movies About Movies

Thirty years ago, Francois Truffaut's Day for Night took the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. It was hardly the last film that spun the camera back on the moviemaking process itself. But in the years since, it's hard to find a movie that casts such an adoring eye on its ...


Trust This Review

Jayson Blair is once again the topic-of-the-week among media ethics types. But this time, there is far less agreement about how to deal with the former reporter, fabricator, and plagiarizer for the New York Times. Should media organizations refuse to review his new memoir so as not to give the ...


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