February 13, 2004

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Friday, February 13, 2004


New rules on government secrecy and more outrage over a woman's breast on television.

Comcast Chases Mouse

The fallout from Janet Jackson's infamous Superbowl fallout has moved to Capitol Hill, where Congress is holding impassioned hearings on new penalties for indecency on the airwaves. But a much more compelling threat to broadcasters might not come from the government at all. This week, cable giant Comcast announced that ...


Herd, Not Answered

It might have been kindled in the trenches of the Democratic presidential primaries, but the subject of President Bush's National Guard service is back on center stage in the media. On Tuesday, the White House released payroll records it said proved once and for all that Bush fulfilled his military ...


Operation No Post

Recently, defense reporter John Donnelly discovered a memo on the website of the Defense Department's Inspector General. In the note, the I.G. informed his staff of new restrictions on information that could be posted on the site. Donnelly tells Brooke that the new restrictions are dangerously broad, and explains why ...


(Not Enough) Sunshine State

The Defense Department is not alone in its unresponsiveness to secrecy concerns. That attitude has filtered down to the state and local level as well. Last month, reporters in Florida visited government agencies posing as ordinary citizens requesting public records. They found that almost half of the state's government was ...


Go West, Young Mogul

The oldest Russian-language newspaper in the U.S., Novoe Russkoe Slovo, has a new owner. Media tycoon Vadim Rabinovich has big plans for the sleepy broadsheet. But he also has a controversial reputation that some media watchers are worried will affect the news Russian immigrants read. WNYC reporter Fred Mogul reports.


Coming Out Swinging

The presidential election is still nine months away, but the Bush re-election campaign is already on the offensive. Or is it defensive? This week, the campaign posted on its web site an advertisement-style video that isn't about George W. Bush at all. Instead, the spot focuses entirely on the Democratic ...


Entertain(t)ing the Jury

On Friday, the USA cable network aired a new docudrama about the Laci Peterson murder case, now unfolding in Northern California. In the movie, as in real life, Scott Peterson is charged with the murder of his pregnant wife, and the USA network says everything else in the movie also ...


War Film in Peace Time

In late December, one of India's top filmmakers premiered his latest offering - "Line of Control." The four-and-a-half hour saga focuses on a 1999 conflict that brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war, and gives the events a decidedly pro-Indian spin. But as deep-rooted tensions between the two ...


The Girls Are Back in Town

Last month, TV audiences in Afghanistan witnessed something they haven't seen in more than a decade - female singers on their screens. Many Afghans are cheering the return of women to the airwaves, but Islamic groups, as well as the country's new Supreme Court, are outraged. Brooke talks to Washington ...


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