February 6, 2004

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Friday, February 06, 2004


Tat for tit at the superbowl, cybercriminals....and more.

Tat for Tit

The NFL called it offensive and inappropriate. CBS says the network is angry and embarrassed. FCC Chairman Michael Powell called it classless, crass and deplorable. We refer, of course, to the show-stopping exposure of Janet Jackson's breast during this year's Superbowl. But other than indignant huffing, how much can federal ...


Medicare Ad

It's been two months since Congress narrowly passed a major overhaul of Medicare, and initial indications are that many seniors are less than clear about its details. And so this week, the government launched a 12.6 million dollar advertising campaign targeted at seniors who still have questions about the new ...


Just the Numbers?

After President Bush released his budget plan this week, the online community went into overdrive, picking apart not just the budget, but the coverage of the budget. Bloggers complained that though the numbers didn't add up, critical analysis was noticeably absent from the front pages of many newspapers. Economist and ...


The Virus Industry

The year is still young, but computer hackers are already hard at work, crashing our hard drives and clogging the net with worms and viruses. The latest outbreak, "Mydoom," has already penetrated some half million computers worldwide. For an article in this week's New York Times Magazine, Clive Thompson traveled ...


Off-Target Treaty

While there are basic things computer users can do to avoid virtual virus infection, stopping the viruses at their sources is proving to be a much more daunting prospect. As law enforcement agencies struggle to combat hackers worldwide, President Bush is calling on Congress to ratify the Council of Europe ...


Wordwatch: Echo Chamber

A free forum of ideas suggests a back-and-forth exchange between individuals with various perspectives. But what happens when people are sequestered to separate discursive spaces on the basis of their ideas? As we're seeing all over the Internet these days, debate breaks down, and in its place we find simply ...


Beatles On the Air

The British Invasion might have been presaged on the radio, but it was consummated on TV. February 9th marks the 40-year anniversary of the Beatles’ first live appearance on American television. Few events these days garner the kind of audience that tuned into the Ed Sullivan show that evening. 73 ...


Soupy Weighs In

Janet and Justin won't be the last TV performers to be accused of treading the line of decency. And they certainly weren't the first. There are several candidates for that honor, among them the man known as Soupy Sales. In the early sixties, Soupy hit the airwaves with his (supposedly) ...


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