December 19, 2003

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Friday, December 19, 2003

How the story of Saddam’s capture is being rewritten in South Asia and the Middle East, plus, tricks of the campaign-reporting trade. And, the blockbuster potential of video games.

Arab Reax

Last weekend, the American news media reported celebration in the Arab world. But according to Martin Walker, Editor of United Press International, the response in the Middle East to the capture of Saddam Hussein was actually much more nuanced. Martin gives Brooke a summary of the coverage of the historic ...


Single Factor Analysis

Closer to home on Sunday, celebrations and congratulations were in no short supply throughout much of the broadcast media. And when the trading day opened on Monday, the big question for financial reporters was whether the general euphoria would be driving the markets on Wall Street. Fair enough…but as Bob ...



Listeners weigh in on our interview with Ted Koppel, and on our stories about product placement and the media's prejudice against fat people.


Joystick Nation

Video games, for the most part, are still associated with their roots in the corner arcade, and written off by many as a time-drain to be grown out of. Slowly but surely, however, they are winning an increasingly dominant share of the entertainment industry. Last year alone, the video games ...



Video game companies aren't the only ones profiting from the gaming craze. Players of one game, Everquest, have been known to sell their fantasy fashion accessories and weapons on E-Bay. The game is one of the more popular, and addictive, role-playing games to come along recently. At its peak, some ...


Rules of the Game

In a recent email fired off to reporters, the John Kerry for President Campaign made some disparaging comments about Gov. Howard Dean's anti-war stance, with the caveat that the information was not to be attributed to Kerry's people. But when New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney included the comments in ...


What's Your Lead, Walter?

For more than four decades, Walter Mears covered national politics for the Associated Press. He was famous on many a campaign bus for his speedy writing and his uncanny knack for honing in on the essence of a story. In his new book, "Deadlines Past: 40 Years of Presidential Campaigns, ...


Those Were Modern Times

Before the talkies, there was Charlie. And despite the enormous technical innovations in cinema over the past century, Chaplin is hardly forgotten. This summer, fans were able to get their hands on digitally re-mastered versions of several Chaplin favorites, and more re-releases are just around the corner. The resurgence of ...


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