June 13, 2008

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Show Summary: taking the networks out of the presidential debates; a New Jersey paper searches for liberal bias in its newsroom; treating PTSD with a virtual reality program

Debates Present

John McCain and Barack Obama say they favor a series of town hall debates, but both campaigns turned down ABC News's invitation this week, saying that no single network should be in control. Ezra Klein of The American Prospect says this might not be such a ...

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Debates Past

This isn’t the first time the presidential candidates and the TV networks have disagreed on the debates. Presidential debate historian Alan Schroeder describes a long and contentious history.

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Hard Times

Perhaps no major U.S. paper has been under siege longer than the Los Angeles Times, and this week brought yet another insult. New York Times media reporter Richard Pérez-Peña has been covering this historic retrenchment.

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Left Out

When The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey asked readers what they thought of the paper, many said they thought it was too liberal. So editor Frank Scandale has embarked on a six month self-examination to find if they’re right.

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New Jersey to Yemen

New Jersey wife and mother Jane Novak started her blog, Armies of Liberation, as a way of coping with the September 11th attacks. In the years since, she’s become the voice for an imprisoned Yemeni journalist, a semi-celebrity to the Yemeni people, and an enemy of ...

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Real Virtual Therapy

One of the biggest concerns surrounding veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is the high rate of post traumatic stress disorder. But Dr. Skip Rizzo, a research scientist at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, says virtual reality might help. Using a modified video ...

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Picturing Science

Since the medium began, movies from “Metropolis” to “Iron Man” have plundered science, molding and sometimes mangling it. But physicist Sidney Perkowitz argues in his new book, Hollywood Science: Movies, Science and the End of the World, that science in cinema probably does more good than harm.

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Tim Russert

NBC News Washington bureau chief and moderator of “Meet the Press,” Tim Russert died Friday at the age of 58.

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