New Jersey to Yemen

Friday, June 13, 2008


New Jersey wife and mother Jane Novak started her blog, Armies of Liberation, as a way of coping with the September 11th attacks. In the years since, she’s become the voice for an imprisoned Yemeni journalist, a semi-celebrity to the Yemeni people, and an enemy of the Yemeni state. Novak tells her story.

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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Since I have to ashamedly admit that I could not place Yemen on a map, I cannot judge if this woman is helping the Yemeni people or not but this story certainly points out the potential of this medium for research, activism and serendipity.

Since the Cole was attacked there; it does behoove us to inform ourselves about the country, doesn't it?

Jun. 17 2008 01:53 AM
Yemenreform from NYC

I am a Yemeni living in NYC. I love your show and I listen to NPR a lot. This lady is trying to build a name and a reputation as being a rebel or a fighter or something. She boasts about being banned in Yemen. After listening to your show and emotional she tried to be about the poor journalist that went to prison. She is not even an a good actor. She has other motivations and as a Yemeni I know they do not benefit Yemen or the Yemeni people. I think the whole show was just another publicity stunt in her media campaign. Well, I am happy you were able to help her achieve her few minutes of fame.

Jun. 15 2008 08:56 PM

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