November 21, 2003

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Friday, November 21, 2003


British media flip-flops on Bush’s visit, Jacko hijacks all coverage at home. Funding movies on both sides of the Rio Grande, and Vietnam War atrocities uncovered 36 years later.


On Thursday, the cable news networks were manic with breaking news. Anchors stoically yanked viewers from one story to another, alternately reporting on twin bombings in Istanbul, street protests in Miami, President Bush's visit to London, and Michael Jackson's impending surrender to California authorities. But the networks' schizophrenia couldn't last, ...


Brits on Bush

President Bush isn't exactly Britain’s favorite US president, and so when Air Force One touched down in London this week, some expected that the media would give him the same cold shoulder as did the protesters in Trafalgar Square. But after he delivered a speech that surpassed the media's low ...


Lord Black-Out

Over the past 20 years, media mogul Conrad Black amassed the biggest newspaper holding company in history. Mostly, he bought struggling papers that were traditionally conservative…and reinvented those that were not in his own political image. This week Lord Black was charged with misallocating funds, and was forced to step ...


The Death that Made News Live

In broadcasting's younger days, going live was extremely difficult, costly and rare. But exactly 40 years ago, a monumental tragedy occurred that made live coverage essential, no matter the cost, whenever a President left the White House. On the Media's Sara Fishko prepared this recollection of those dreadful days in ...


CineMad in Mexico

A budget battle is underway in Mexico that could have grave consequences for the nation's burgeoning film industry. If approved, the President's proposal would gut the industry's state-subsidies, which culture watchers say are the country's last defense against the Hollywood juggernaut. And the increasingly deafening outcry has put the President ...


Who Wants In?

Lining up big donors for not-so-big movies has always proved a challenge for independent filmmakers. So Ethan Hawke is forgetting about those donors altogether, and taking his new movie straight to the people. This week, shares for Hawke's latest project, "Billy Dead," went on the Internet auction block in what ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


Fallen Journos

Journalists in Baghdad received a blast from the past this week when guerillas fired rockets at the Palestine Hotel. Just over seven months ago, the same hotel had been fired on by an American tank during the siege of Baghdad. Two journalists were killed in that first attack, and they ...


Vietnam Coverup Uncovered

For many, the infamous massacre at My Lai best represents the wartime horrors committed by soldiers in American uniforms. But last month, The Toledo Blade ran an expose about a seven-month killing spree by an elite Army unit called Tiger Force, during which hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were summarily executed. ...


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