November 14, 2003

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Friday, November 14, 2003


It's war...again. Plus, royal blackout, media titans and pulling back the curtain on NPR.

It's War, Again

The daily casualty count from combat in Iraq shows no sign of abating, and this week the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq characterized the conflict as "war." Meanwhile, hostility between the military and the media in Iraq is also mounting, with increasing incidents of abuse, detentions and confiscation of ...


Insurgency in Algiers…and Baghdad

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by occupying armies fighting hostile insurgents is that the guerrillas never fight them on their own terms. So how to prepare war planners for these sorts of conflicts? How about taking them to the movies? A few months ago, Pentagon officials were invited to a ...


Royal Blackout

Britain's royal family is once again embroiled in scandal, but this time the Queen's subjects haven't been able to get the lurid details from their mainstream media. Under the UK's strict libel laws, British media are barred from reporting on the allegations that Prince Charles was caught in a sexual ...


Courtroom Drama

This summer in England, a courtroom investigation had the nation on the edge of its seat. The five-week Hutton inquiry looked into the suicide of government scientist David Kelly, who had been fingered as a source for the BBC's report which alleged that the British government had "sexed up" intelligence ...


Lone Wolff

For years, New York Magazine media critic Michael Wolff has been chronicling the exploits of our era's media titans. In his new book, "Autumn of the Moguls," Wolff expounds further on the larger-than-life figures who he simultaneously envies and loathes, and who he believes are presiding over the self destruction ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


Sacco's New War

Joe Sacco is a journalist, a cartoonist…and a cartoon journalist. Drawing himself into his books and strips as a kind of bespectacled everyman, he literally illustrates the difficulties involved in reporting from war zones around the world. His books about the Bosnian war and the Palestinian occupation have won praise ...


Pulling Back the Curtain

In the aftermath of the Jayson Blair scandal, the New York Times published a 7600-word post-mortem that offered readers a rare look at its newsroom practices. But the Times is not the only news organization of late to give the public a fuller view of how the journalistic sausage is ...


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