October 24, 2003

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Friday, October 24, 2003


The horror of last year's hostage siege at the Moscow Theater will be brought to you this week on cable, we talk with the director about how he got the tape. Also, is TV dying before our eyes?

Religious Wrong

As President Bush bounced through East Asia this week, the international media was abuzz with reactions to Malaysian Prime Minister's assertion that Jews rule the world by proxy. But across the Arab world, a parallel scandal was roiling editorial pages, as journalists chewed over revelations that U.S. Army Lieutenant General ...


Premature SENDulation

The Malaysian P.M. may be unrepentant, but for journalist Gregg Easterbrook, it was a week for apologies. But it seems to be a case of too little, too late. Since invoking images of money-grubbing Jews on The New Republic's blog last week, he's been fired from his gig on ESPN ...


Pay to Play

Every morning, the hosts of "Daytime" on Tampa TV station WFLA cheerily deliver feature reports about local goings-on and other topics of interest. But lest the show be confused with standard newsmagazine fare, many of the guests who appear on Daytime have a more unorthodox arrangement with the producers. They've ...


The Nightly News Sell

While the newsworthiness of the stories on the nightly news is sometimes debatable, viewers can at least rest assured that the stories were produced by journalists. Or can they? Bob reports from the fuzzy territory where public relations becomes news, in the form of the ubiquitous, but largely invisible, "video ...


Where Have all the Young Men Gone?

Television executives were thrown for a loop this week by the latest numbers from the AC Nielsen Company. According to the ratings report, overall prime time TV viewership by men aged 18 to 34 was down by eight percent in the first three weeks of the season. Industry observers have ...


The Grey Lady's Facelift

This week, The New York Times startled many of its long-time readers with a comprehensive typographical facelift. For decades, the Times has been known as the paper with five or six different typefaces on a given day's front page. But the editors decided that less was more, and so they ...


Terror in Moscow

A year ago this week, armed Chechen separatists stormed into a packed Moscow theater, leading to a 57-hour standoff with Russian troops outside. The tragic end of the siege was broadcast around the world, as Russian troops overtook the Chechens with a powerful anesthetic gas, killing 129 hostages in the ...


A Taste of His Medicine

Bob weighs in on the acrimony surrounding Bill O'Reilly's recent appearance on NPR's "Fresh Air," which ended prematurely when O'Reilly stormed out of the studio. It's true, says Garfield, that host Terry Gross may have lowered her interviewing standards for her date with the Fox News Channel's most popular bully. ...


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