October 17, 2003

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Friday, October 17, 2003


Dubyaman, clearing Clear Channel's name and more!

Spaced Out

The Chinese government's penchant for secrecy is no secret. As the People's Republic counted down to the liftoff of its first manned space voyage this week, the government was eager to tout proof of China's technological advances but at the last minute officials decided not to broadcast the liftoff live. ...


A Clearer Channel

As media consolidation has become a bigger media story, the name "Clear Channel" has increasingly come to represent the perceived evils of corporate media domination. And so the media behemoth has spearheaded a P.R. campaign to clean up its image. MediaWeek Senior Editor Katy Bachman is one industry observer who ...


Good News Offensive

Frustrated by the national media's preoccupation with bombings, political turmoil and failing infrastructure in Iraq, the President has begun doing what politicians often do. He's blaming the messenger. This week, Bush went on the offensive with his alternative version of events in Iraq, bypassing what he calls the "national media ...


Network Not-Work

A tug-of-war is underway in Washington for control of the government's media arm in Iraq. Since the fall of Saddam, the Pentagon has been running the Iraqi Media Network, but critics in Congress say military oversight of the network could be jeopardizing its credibility, as well as the larger battle ...


Bodysuit Bush

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's….Dubyaman! For the past two years, President Bush has been featured in the pages of India's biggest English language newspaper as a masked crusader with a W emblazoned on his bodysuit. In the eponymous cartoon strip, Dubyaman flies around the world mispronouncing the names ...


Idol Worship

From Ted Mack's Amateur Hour a half-century ago to Star Search in the '80s, the TV talent show has been a staple of American entertainment. But recently, the form seems to be experiencing its own British invasion. The hugely popular "American Idol" was just one of 21 international adaptations of ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


Veronica Guerin

This week the movie "Veronica Guerin" hits theaters across the country. It's the story of an Irish reporter who, through assiduous reporting and extraordinary courage, tracked down and exposed the drug lords who were turning Dublin into a war zone in the mid 1990s. But veteran Irish journalist Ed Moloney ...


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