September 26, 2003

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Friday, September 26, 2003


Candidate Wes Clark just entered the ring and already one expert says he'll be k-o'ed by the media in the first round.

General Interest(s) Media

Much of the media seemed to greet General Wesley Clark with a red carpet when he entered the presidential race last week. But judging from the subsequent coverage of Clark in the major dailies, it didn't take long for reporters and pundits to yank the carpet from under him. National ...


Homeboy Hopefuls

In local newsrooms, reporters can for the most part sit back and watch presidential campaign season without having to cover it themselves. But what happens when one of the candidates is also a local? Tom Weber reports from member station KWMU on how the St. Louis media are covering the ...


Just the Facts

A new law in Russia prohibits media from providing any "commentary" when covering a political campaign. In practice, the rule has left political reporters with almost nothing to report, because the definition of campaigning is so all-encompassing. Two violations by a media organization and it can be shut down for ...


Ohio Clampdown

Recently, a reporter in Ohio asked the police for information about a drive-by shooting. The reporter was referred to the police department's new media hotline. But by the end of the day, there was still no mention of the shooting on the hotline. Is this part of a nationwide trend ...


Who Speaks for the People

For years, municipal governments have been hiring official press contacts whose job it is to get the word out about local events and schedules. But since 9/11, a number of municipalities have been using public security as a rationale for hiring spokespersons for elected officials as well. Brian Nickerson is ...


Advertising Freedom

According to a recent poll by the AdCouncil, an overwhelming majority of Americans think that fellow citizens take their freedoms for granted. And so the people who brought you Smokey Bear and the crash test dummies have taken up the cause with their latest series of TV, radio, and print ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


Bad News Bearers

Since President Bush declared the end of major combat action in Iraq, the news from that country has not been good. But now one Democratic Congressman is very literally blaming the messenger. In an op-ed piece in the Atlanta Constitution & Journal, Georgia Democrat Jim Marshall wondered aloud if the ...


Bush's U.N. Spindown

American and British press have typically had very different takes on the war in Iraq, but recently, news organizations on both sides of the pond seem to have converged in their treatment of the Iraq occupation. That is, the notable difference now is between news outlets supportive of and critical ...


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