September 12, 2003

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Friday, September 12, 2003


The pre-internet internet, financial reporting and more!

Nine Donkeys, One Fox

The Democratic presidential race is heating up, and judging by this week's candidate debate, so is its entertainment value. Might the surprising liveliness of Tuesday's event have anything to do with its unlikely co-sponsor - Fox News?'s deputy Washington Bureau Chief Chris Suellentrop attended the 9-way face-off, and recounts ...


Mega Media Merger (en Español)

This week, the FCC signaled that it would approve a controversial merger between the nation's largest Spanish language TV network and the biggest Spanish language radio network. Critics have argued the deal will allow Univision to unfairly dominate the Spanish language media market. But Univision counters that there really isn't ...


Pinochet's Penman

Thirty years ago this week, Chilean military generals mounted a coup to overthrow the government of Salvador Allende. The Nixon Administration had a central role in orchestrating the coup, and in doing so relied heavily on Chile's leading media mogul, Augustin Edwards. National Security Archive senior analyst Peter Kornbluh has ...


Cybernetics for the People

While Al Gore was still but a cub reporter in Nashville, a precursor for the Internet was already in use…in Chile. That's according to MIT doctoral candidate Eden Miller, who says that in its short time in power, the Allende government developed a vast communications network in factories throughout the ...


Single Factor Analysis

On Wednesday, the Dow and Nasdaq each suffered minor losses after traders caught wind of a new videotape from Osama Bin Laden. At least that's what reporters at CNBC and the AP said. But can the trading of billions of shares every day really be traced back to one driving ...


Radioactive Journalism

If journalists break the law in order to expose weaknesses in national security, should they be prosecuted? That's the question on the table of federal prosecutors, after an ABC News team successfully shipped a package of depleted uranium from Jakarta to Los Angeles. ABC says the package could have just ...



Brooke and Bob read from listeners' letters.


Voice of America

We are often reminded of the privileges we enjoy as Americans, but here's one thing we can't do on native soil - tune in the Voice of America. The U.S. government radio station that was created as a propaganda tool during World War II is prohibited from broadcasting at home. ...


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