September 5, 2003

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Friday, September 05, 2003

The Showtime docudrama called "DC 9-11," the networks fight back and more!

Networks fight back

Lobbyists for CBS, NBC and Fox have descend on Washington, armed with new data from a poll by Republican pollster Frank Luntz that says the public doesn't mind media consolidation. Their first move was to place ads in two Washington-insider papers: Roll Call and The Hill with the slogan: "America ...


Radio Rejects Recall Ads

For Californians across the state who are bracing themselves for a barrage of campaign ads from Arnold, Gary and company in the recall race, it may be a relief to learn that radio stations owned by two media giants, Viacom and Clear Channel, are limiting or outright rejecting candidate advertising. ...


DC 9/11

This Sunday, in time to mark the anniversary of 9-11, the Showtime cable channel is offering a docudrama called "DC 9-11," which purports to be an intimate look of the first nine days of the tragedy, from inside the White House. Two solid hours of resolute, unwavering leadership. Brooke talks ...


Taking Liberties

Three states and roughly 150 localities have passed resolutions resisting what they regard as the excesses of the Patriot Act, passed in the wake of 9-11 to give the government broader powers to wiretap, search, and detain. There has been broad opposition to the act and this month Attorney General ...



Bob and Brooke read a few of your letters.


Rupert and Tony (sitting in a treeā€¦)

Media reporter Michael Wolff just came back from the International Television Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and as he reports in this week's New York Magazine, in the ongoing battle between Tony Blair and the BBC there's a third player...Rupert Murdoch. Michael Wolff speaks with Brooke about the strange relationship between ...


Murdoch in India

Murdoch's media empire keeps expanding. Two months ago he acquired Direct TV, our largest satellite platform. Last week, he launched a 24 hour news channel in Italy, Sky Italia. And earlier this year, Murdoch also launched an entertainment channel in China, Starry Sky. He's long had his finger on the ...


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