August 22, 2003

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Friday, August 22, 2003


The arab press and the summer of gays.

The Arab Press

It's been a week of troubling news out of the Middle East. 23 people were killed in a bomb blast at the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, and violence escalated again between the Palestinians and Israelis. World Press Review Contributing Editor Peter Valenti gives Bob a view of the events from ...


Full Court Press

After a summer of intensely scrutinizing the Bush Administration's selling of the war in Iraq, many media outlets seem to be backing off. But not the Washington Post. More and more, the paper that expressed editorial sympathy for the war has relentlessly pursued government misrepresentations of the Iraqi threat. Bob ...


Bickering to the Bank

Tension between the Fox News Channel and some of its detractors has been building for months, and this week, it took one of its most prominent critics to court. Fox is suing satirist Al Franken for allegedly violating the trademark on its slogan "fair and balanced" in the title of ...


CNN Identity Crisis

When CNN got a new chief earlier this year, there were great hopes among many insiders that the network would clarify its mission and take a turn for the better. But months later, CNN continues to fidget with its format and style, and still trails Fox in the ratings war. ...


Framing the March

To utter the phrase "March on Washington" is to conjure the image of Martin Luther King on the stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial. But there was much more to the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom than King's famous oratory that day. On the 40th Anniversary ...


I Spy a Trend

Reporters have a rule of three: if they can come up with a trio of similar occurrences, they can announce that they've discovered a full-blown trend. But to what extent are the "latest crazes" really the result of a desperate search for story ideas? Bob reports on the media's cottage ...


Summer of Gays

Looking back over recent cultural commentary in the press, it appears that this summer will go down in history as the "Summer of Gays." It's a notion that's been championed by everybody from Reuters to the New York Times. Bill Powers wrote about the media phenomenon in his National Journal ...


Crossing Over

In the alternate reality of TV-landia, is it really that unbelievable that a character from one show would run into somebody from a different program? Writers don't seem to think so - Seinfeld's neighbor Kramer once showed up as Murphy Brown's secretary, and Bobby from The Practice recently appeared on ...


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