August 8, 2003

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Friday, August 08, 2003


Race, a new media study, kickers.

The Color of Scandal

The media is frothing with every development in the Kobe Bryant story. It has all the elements of an American scandal - money, celebrity, sex…and race. Long before jury selection and the first utterance of defense, the media have begun to speculate on the role of race in the case. ...


(Oh) Dear Berlusconi!!!

This week, The Economist centered its crosshairs on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, challenging him in an open letter to answer allegations of corruption and dodgy dealings. It wasn't the first time the venerable British weekly has gone on the offensive against Italy's richest man, but perhaps the most relentless. ...


Commercial Programming

In yet another attempt to hold the attention of the flitting remote-controllers, NBC is inserting original programming into its commercial breaks this fall. The "mini-movies" will be chopped into 30-second halves that will air at separate times throughout the night. Paris Barclay co-produced the shorts, and joins Bob to discuss ...


Africa Under One Roof

The Big Brother reality show has been adapted worldwide, but nowhere has it combined contestants from as many countries as it has in Africa. The show has attracted more than 30 million viewers, as well as its share of controversy. While some celebrate the show as a landmark display of ...


Reality, With Message

In Mexico, government planners saw an opportunity in the enormous popularity of country's own version of Big Brother. And so this year the show's viewers witnessed more than the standard nitty-gritty of co-habitation - they watched contestants recycle, conserve water, and make compost. Reporter Peter Aronson goes behind the scenes ...


Bigger Isn't Badder

Big Media. In this age of media consolidation, the phrase carries an ominous, minor-key ring. But does big media necessarily mean bad media? Newsweek columnist Robert Samuelson doesn't think so. He tells Brooke why he thinks the FCC's recent relaxation of media ownership rules won't spell the end of choice ...


Who Slants More

Is the media liberal, or does it swing to the right? The perennial argument over media bias is as hot as ever, but a new study from Harvard's Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press is offering some rare empirical data to the mix. New York magazine columnist Michael Tomasky conducted ...



This week, we take a cue from local TV newscasts, and end our show on a lighter note. For as any good producer knows, nothing ends a broadcast better than a piece of fluff. OTM's Rex Doane reflects on that staple of TV news - affectionately known as the kicker.


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