July 4, 2003

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Friday, July 04, 2003


Corporate anthems and On The Media's own little diddy....

Beeb vs. Blair

In Britain, the growing scandal over the missing WMD's has a clear target - Prime Minister Tony Blair. The most scathing criticism has come from a BBC reporter named Andrew Gilligan. He says Blair exaggerated the Iraqi threat with help from his Director of Communications, Alistair Campbell. Now, Campbell is ...


Israelis vs. Beeb

The Israeli government has long charged the BBC with having a pro-Palestinian bias, but this week Israel took the accusations one step further, and cut its formal ties with the network. The final straw, as Danny Seaman of the Israeli Government Press Office tells Brooke, was the BBC's re-broadcast of ...


Media Re-Regulation

Criticizing the FCC's recent loosening media ownership regulations has become something of a new sport recently. The Senate Commerce Committee is getting into the act, proposing legislation to essentially undo the FCC's ruling. The bill has earned praise, but whether it has any chance of passing is another story. Bob ...


An Element of Confusion

The hydrogen economy that President Bush has embraced is getting mixed reviews from both industry groups and environmentalists, making it very difficult for energy consumers to get the straight story. But it may be discrepancies between the science and the policy that are polluting the reporting. Brooke speaks to Dr. ...


Baseball Ads

One baseball tradition that has stood the test of time is bad advertising during radio broadcasts. After all, who isn't compelled to buy batteries when Energizer mentions second base in its commercial? Well Bob isn't, for one. He vents here about his slowly growing irritation over a lifetime of listening ...


Inside Al Jazeera

Depending on who you ask, Al-Jazeera is either the Middle East's most objective news source or the most influential voice of anti-Americanism. The first program in this season's PBS series "Wide Angle" goes behind-the-scenes of Al-Jazeera's war coverage in Iraq, as the network came under fire - sometimes literally - ...


Corporate Anthems

Corporate anthems, like national anthems, are created to instill pride and loyalty in listeners. But corporate anthems are geared towards company staff, not citizens, and the objects of pride are not nations, but soft drinks and spark plugs. On the Media's Rex Doane reports.


OTM Anthem

Bob and Brooke lead the On The Media chorus in a rousing recital of the OTM Anthem, written and composed by On The Media's Mike Pesca.


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