June 27, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Show summary: Indecency over the air and the man who created the infamous Daisy Girl ad

Fleeting Expletives

When comedian George Carlin died last Sunday, most remembrances focused on his infamous “Seven Dirty Words” routine, which ran afoul of the FCC and engendered a landmark Supreme Court case. Miami Herald television critic Glenn Garvin says America is divided over indecency and past guests weigh ...

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Online China

The internet in China is both censored by the government and used for surveillance, but American companies make the calculation that it is better to be there, albeit in a diminished capacity, than not at all. Nevermind, Chinese internet users are getting organized on the web and the result is ...

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Influence Peddlers

The idea of influencers - i.e. trendsetting social connectors - was one of the stickiest ideas in a book full of them, Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller The Tipping Point. But writer Clive Thompson says the idea is based on shaky science, and that when it comes to trendsetting, all power to ...

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The Listening Life

In his 84 years Tony Schwartz produced over 30,000 recordings, thousands of groundbreaking political ads, media theory books and Broadway sound design, invented the portable recorder, delivered hundreds of lectures and had full careers as an ad executive and a pioneering folklorist. And he did it all without ...

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