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Friday, July 04, 2008


For over 50 years, outlaw American radio broadcasters exploited a legal loophole and aired powerful pirate radio from the Mexican side of the border. So called ‘border blasters’ - or ‘X stations’ - were true innovators whose influence continues to be felt today. OTM’s Jamie York tells the story.

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Cliff Chamney from Shawnee, KS

'On The Media' was broadcast on KCUR in Kansas City, MO today, 7/6/008. I am curious about one thing. In the old days claer channels were highly sought-after by rich, 'legitimate' U.S. broadcasters. If U.S. rugulators and legislators washed their hands of Mr. Brinkley's style of broadcasting. how did radio station XERF obtain a clear channel to broadcast on throughout the U.S. and Canada? It would be interesting to know that information in any future update of or comment on that story. Thanks for your consideration.

Jul. 06 2008 05:03 PM

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