May 9, 2003

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Friday, May 09, 2003


Joe McCarthy was one of the first producers of reality TV, and how a modern reality show about the Danish prime minister has undone his diplomacy throughout Europe.

Al-Jazeera - An Ex-Pat's Critique

Over the past couple of years the satellite TV network Al-Jazeera has often been criticized by U.S. government and military officials. But the network's critics include Arabs as well - among them the Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, Editor-in-Chief of the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. He joins Brooke to discuss what ...


Secret Air Waves

The U.S. war in Iraq began long before any bombs fell on Baghdad. The weapons-of-choice were covert radio signals beamed in from neighboring countries. Nick Grace of tells Brooke about the variety of CIA-backed radio stations that until recently could be heard in Iraq.


Dictata's Paradise

During the war, Iraqis were deluged by a variety of American-sponsored broadcasts. On one of the radio stations thought to be backed by the CIA, it was possible to hear a parody of the gangsta-rap hit "Gangsta's Paradise." The M.C., who raps in a combination of English and Arabic, is ...


But Who's Counting?

Last week, Knight Ridder Newspapers reported that according to hospital records, at least 1100 civilians died in the battle for Baghdad. The estimate was one of only a few to surface in the media so far, and some say that the media should be paying more attention to the story. ...


Lolita Under Wraps

Even in a totalitarian regime that seeks to control people's minds, people are not immune to books. Iranian literary critic and educator Azar Nafisi wrote about teaching and reading the Western canon in her new memoir, "Reading Lolita in Tehran."


McCarthy's Screen-Tests

This week, 161 transcripts of Senator Joseph McCarthy's closed-door Senate hearings were de-classified. These were the dress rehearsals for the infamous televised hearings, and demonstrated McCarthy's strategy of picking on the weakest, or at least the weakest-looking suspects. Brooke reflects on the first reality TV show, set in the halls ...


Mini Series; Major Scandal

When the producer of a new CBS miniseries about Hitler made public remarks comparing the Third Reich to post-9/11 America, he was summarily fired. But that's not keeping CBS from airing the show. NY Observer columnist Ron Rosenbaum tells Brooke that even though he thinks the comparison was inappropriate the ...


Adolf Hitler: The Larry King Interview

When it comes to criticizing the soap-operafication of Hitler, we at OTM dare not cast the first stone. In this hypothetical sketch written by Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, the evil one himself bares all as a guest on Larry King's show. Mike O'Meara plays King, and Stewart is the voice ...

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Laff Box Redux

Artificial laughter has been peppering sitcoms since 1953, when the "Laff Box" was invented. Last month, the inventor of the uproarious technology, Charles Douglass, passed away at the age of 93. Claes Andreasson of Swedish National Public Radio evaluates the legacy of the "Laff Box."


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