April 4, 2003

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Friday, April 04, 2003


Bridges to Baghdad and more!

Target: Al-Jazeera

With its unflinching coverage of the war in Iraq, Al Jazeera is ruffling feathers on both sides of the conflict. The cable channel has already been ejected from the New York Stock Exchange and now in a strange twist, a correspondent has been booted from Iraq. Despite that, last week ...


What We're Watching

Overall, Americans still appear to be mostly satisfied with television coverage of the war. But which channels are people turning to most often? And how much influence does the coverage have on people's opinions? Brooke gets some answers from Max Robbins from TV Guide, which recently conducted a poll of ...


Dispatch from an Embed, Week 5

Brooke checks in with NPR correspondent John Burnett, who has been re-assigned to an artillery division closer to the frontline. This week, he talks about the differences between his opportunities as an embedded reporter and those of the so-called 'unilaterals.'


Armchair-Men of the News

In one of the war's more paradoxical twists, TV coverage has focused on generals in the newsroom as often as it has featured reporters on the battlefield. But while there's no doubt as to their military expertise, are the armchair generals in a position to offer critical analysis? Bob wonders ...



OTM listeners weigh in on last week's discussions about naming war operations and the Fox drama "24," and correct one of our earlier corrections.


Salvation's Armies

The week, another "Left Behind" novel is slated to hit bookstores. It's expected to debut at the top of bestseller lists, as have each of the last four installments in the evangelical series. George Washington University Professor Melani McAlister speaks with Brooke about potential ramifications of the "Left Behind" series ...


Indoctrination and Rejuvenation

It has been speculated that Saddam's regime shares fundamental traits with those of European totalitarian movements of the last century. Might it be possible, then, to better understand life in Iraq by looking back at the Nazi era? Brooke talks about overcoming indoctrination with Ottomar Rudolf, a Reed College professor ...


Building Bridges to Baghdad

Two weeks before bombs started falling on Baghdad, documentary filmmaker Jon Alpert recorded a real-time conversation between a group of young Americans and their peers in Iraq. The result was "Bridge to Baghdad," a rare glimpse into the lives of regular Iraqis. Bob talks with Alpert about the production, and ...


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