March 28, 2003

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Friday, March 28, 2003


An early assessment of the coverage of the second war against Saddam and more....

Through Middle Eastern Eyes

A week into the war in Iraq, the picture we are getting from the domestic press is quite different from that portrayed by the foreign press. This gulf is especially large when it comes to the Middle Eastern media. United Press Chief Correspondent and inveterate media watcher Martin Walker is ...


Dispatch from an Embed, Week 4

NPR correspondent John Burnett has been living with the Command Battalion of the 1st Marine Division near the Iraqi border for almost a month. But he continues to have new insights about his role as a journalist, and as a guest of the U.S. Marine Corps. How welcome are the ...


The War from Here

While the Pentagon's enthusiasm to put reporters on the battlefield in Iraq has raised a few eyebrows, the majority of civilian news consumers - both pro-war and anti-war - seem to be satisfied by the product. One thing is certain: never before have news consumers on the homefront been given ...


Wordsmiths of War

Somewhere deep within the Pentagon, decisions are made that shape the history books of the future. Battle plans these are not - this is the realm of the linguistic. "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is simply the latest example of public relations campaigning through war naming. But as Professor Conrad Crane of ...


Life Imitates Art

This week, the President of the United States faced the dilemma of how to retaliate for an attack on the homeland. Many close to him were pushing for war, but it was unclear who the enemy really was. It was another episode of the Fox series "24," a show whose ...


Libel Tourism

Earlier this month, The New Yorker printed a story about Pentagon advisor Richard Perle, suggesting a conflict of interest between his business interests and his influence over policy. In response, Perle threatened to sue the article's author, Seymour Hersh, for libel…in England. Solicitor David Hooper joins Bob from London to ...


Native Tongue Lash

A campaign in British Parliament to reclaim the English language is turning heads in the U.K. And its organizers are happy about that. Never mind that their real concern is the foreign ownership of British television stations. Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom spokesman Granville Williams explains his group's drive ...


The Last Laugh

This weekend marks the last episode in HBO's comedy series Da Ali G Show. Ali G is an East End would-be hiphop star who interviews such guests as C. Everett Koop and Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali - none of whom realize that he's a fake and that ...


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