February 28, 2003

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Friday, February 28, 2003


Actors agains the war and Godzilla!

Actor Activism

Lately, a number of prominent celebrities have been adding their voices to the chorus of antiwar sentiment. But while familiar names may garner attention for the antiwar movement, could celebs be hurting the cause by attracting the wrong kind of attention? Slate.com's Rob Walker thinks so, and makes his case ...


Go Ahead, Make Dan's Day

If some policy wonks and pundits get nervous when movie stars poach on their turf, they need fear no more. For at OTM, it's a two-way street. We present NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr's alter-ego: Dirty Harry.


Republican Close-Up

While much of Hollywood leans to the left, most of the actors elected to public office have been members of the G.O.P. According to On the Media's John Solomon, this is more than just a coincidence.


Remembering Mr. Rogers

For years, Bob could hardly stand the saccharine sweetness of TV's most famous neighborhood-guru. But then he started watching his children watch Mr. Rogers. Fred Rogers died this week at the age of 74, and it got Bob thinking about the important role that Mr. Rogers played in his own ...


Donahue Gets Yanked

MSNBC pulled the plug this week on Phil Donahue's short-lived talk show. Network execs claimed the show wasn't attracting enough viewers. But was the move a matter of simple numbers? Donahue, who was pulling MSNBC's highest ratings, claims he's a casualty of the network's sprint to the right. Rick Ellis ...


Owning News Quality

With the FCC poised to scrap most of its media ownership limits, debate still rages about what the consequences of deregulation will be. It's clear that many of the big media outlets will get bigger, but what will that mean for the quality of TV news? A new study by ...


Gunning for the Scoop

Private NASA emails about the shuttle disaster and bondage photos of a Joe Millionare finalist are just a couple of the documents that have been outed by the intrepid investigators at thesmokinggun.com. The website's Managing Editor, Daniel Green, discusses its humble origins with Bob.


Sweeps Weak

Over the past few weeks, prime-time TV viewers have been treated to feature interviews with high-profile murder suspects, and have witnessed the freakish delights of Michael Jackson and Joe Millionare. Why all the action? It's that time of year again - Sweeps Weeks. The New Yorker's James Surowiecki explains the ...


The Not-So Funnies

Every so often, newspaper editors turn to their readers for advice on re-arranging their comic strips. But Cleveland Plain Dealer Features Editor Elizabeth McIntyre recently learned that many readers don't take the changes lightly. Why are the funnies so important to people? And why are they so…un-funny?


Godzilla Lives

Nearly five decades since he first stomped across the silver screen, the rampaging reptile is still going strong. This winter, to the delight of a select number of film enthusiasts, the 26th Godzilla movie opened in Tokyo. NPR's Jim Zarroli reports on the remarkable persistence of the Godzilla franchise.



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