February 21, 2003

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Friday, February 21, 2003


We cover the coverage of the war at home, a screenwriter who tried to pitch a script at Sundance and more.

Covering the Anti-War

Last week, millions of people around the world took to the streets to demonstrate against the looming war in Iraq. It has been called the largest coordinated anti-war protest ever. It was also the first protest in recent months to garner serious media attention. Editor & Publisher's Greg Mitchell joins ...


Rallying for a Newsworthy Cause

Last week's antiwar rallies seem to have banished the collective shrug with which much of the media have regarded the peace movement. OTM Producer Megan Ryan tackles the question of what makes an anti-war protest easy to cover…and easy to ignore.


Press Corps Solidarity

When a newsmaker takes a stand against an individual journalist based solely on where that journalist is from, should fellow journalists take a stand against the newsmaker? That question is fueling strong debate among foreign correspondents this week, after Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz refused to answer a question ...


(Em)bed with the Troops

If another war does happen in Iraq, this time hundreds of reporters will be on the frontlines to witness it. The Pentagon is "embedding" around 500 reporters with military units in the Persian Gulf…on the condition that the reporters agree to certain ground rules. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for ...


War's Cutting Room Floor

Official guidelines imposed upon journalists in war come with the terrain, but there are times when the restraint comes from within. Veteran radio producer Helen Borten found it hard to separate her own sympathies for the troops from the need for editorial objectivity in a piece that was recently aired. ...


The Sundance Kids

The Oscars are just around the corner, but for those filmmakers with more independent proclivities, the year's biggest soiree is already history. Screenwriter Cami Dalavigne arrived at this year's Sundance Film Festival with a movie to screen, a script to pitch….and a tape recorder. She brings us this report from ...


Scene: Airplane

Chances are, if you've seen an airplane in a movie, it was a set. The same set, in fact, that was used in that other movie you saw with the airplane in it. And that other one. Reporter Rachael Myrow journeys to the San Fernando Valley, where moviemakers pay big ...



This week, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge unveiled Ready.gov, a new website to prepare the American people for a possible terrorist attack. But in the middle of his news conference, CNN cut away to a dog being rescued from an iceberg. Whaaaa? Bob reflects on the media's role in a ...


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