December 27, 2002

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Friday, December 27, 2002


Hot topics in the European press and why war is hell.


Inveterate media watcher and regular OTM contributor Martin Walker gives his selection of this week’s hot topics in the European press.


One Country One System?

The government in Hong Kong will soon be unveiling a draft of an anti-subversion law that has already sparked huge demonstrations, both in opposition and support. The law codifies some loosely worded instructions in Hong Kong’s mini-constitution and has grave implications for free speech within the ex-colony. Orville Schell, dean ...



This week’s feedback includes input from a teenage fan of Channel One, tips from a libel law savvy listener, and season's greetings from a fellow sound tracker who recognized a familiar scream in the Two Towers.


Not For Sale

The State Department’s new offering for the perusal of the Arab world is an anthology called “Writers on America.” The book, featuring the musings of such literary figures as Michael Chabon, Julia Alvarez and Robert Pinsky, is officially propaganda, published explicitly to influence foreign audiences. It is also therefore, by ...


Hollywood Joins the Fray

An armload of big-ticket Hollywood talent, including some of the folks who brought us Star Trek and the Shawshank Redemption, have signed on to bring American-style programs, and through them presumably, American-style values to the Muslim world. The programs will be funneled through a non-profit group called Al Haqiqa (which ...


Uncle Tom

Racial epithets are fired like bullets, for example last fall when Harry Belafonte likened Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice to ‘house slaves.’ Taunts like that, or the more incendiary ‘Uncle Tom,’ are commonly hurled, most often by African Americans accusing each other of not ...


War Technology

Technology is changing the way we report our news and guest Steven Livingston, Associate Professor of Political Communication and International Affairs at George Washington University, explains how. He talks with Bob.


War Games

The American military trains its troops to fight wars with elaborate and expensive combat simulations. The same ‘war games’ also give the military a chance to work on winning the media war, too - one soldier at a time. WNYC’s Fred Mogul reports on how military training feeds anti-media sentiment ...


War is Hell

Veteran war reporter Chris Hedges joins OTM to discuss his addiction to the drug he calls war. Speaking from 15 years of experience, he relays stories of being imprisoned in Sudan, expelled from Libya, ambushed in Central America, and shot at in Kosovo. His recently published book, “War Is a ...


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