December 13, 2002

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Friday, December 13, 2002


Global information war in the works?

Global Information War in the Works?

Last year, Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld unveiled a plan to create an Office of Strategic Influence-the purpose of which was to create and disseminate disinformation. Rumsfeld sidestepped the onslaught of criticism he received by claiming it was all a big misunderstanding and that the idea had been scrapped. But ...


Steering Media Regulations

Democratic Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps sits on a Republican-dominated panel. The conservative panel is steering the nation toward ever-greater media concentration and less programming diversity. Bob talks with Commissioner Copps about the frustration he feels regarding the deregulatory bent of the current FCC.


NYSE Disclosure

Last summer, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved rules requiring broadcasters airing the opinion of securities analysts to also disclose any business interests that the analysts or their firms might have in the stocks being discussed. Now, the SEC is poised to approve a similar rule for the print media. ...


Best Biz Crime Writing

This month, Anchor Books released an anthology that may well be one of a kind: Best Business Crime Writing of the Year. And what a year it was-Enron, Imclone, Worldcom, Adelphi…the list goes on. OTM has discussed how and why much of the business press has failed to report on ...



Bob and Brooke give listeners the update on our spring segment about the War Crimes Tribunal's subpoena of a journalist.


No News is Bad News

Earlier this month, Black Entertainment Television (BET) announced that it would be canceling three of its news programs. Many were upset by the decision, saying that the cable channel was abandoning an important news space for African American viewers. Bob speaks with University of Pennsylvania Professor Michael Eric Dyson about ...


Hip Hop Radio Wars

Until the spring of 2002, Hot 97 was the only hip hop radio station in New York City. That changed when radio giant Clear Channel launched a hip hop station of its own: Power 105.1. Now the stations are duking it out for dominance of a market that is worth ...


Business-Government Beat?

As part of his economic team shakeup this week, President Bush recruited three more corporate chieftains into his administration. The appointments underscore the increasing intersections between business and government--but it's a phenomenon that the press has been behind the curve in covering. On The Media's John Solomon reports.


Instrumental Rock

Instrumental rock 'n' roll - the genre that once made many a beach party spectacular in the '50s and '60s - today is relegated to a few artists that hope to succeed despite having no chance of cracking the top 40 radio scene. Luckily, OTM has a correspondent who specializes ...


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