December 6, 2002

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Friday, December 06, 2002


The real life story behind the fictional "Live from Baghdad," analysing the portrayals of psychiatrists in the movies and more!

The Unsinkable Dr. Kissinger

The day before Thanksgiving, Henry Kissinger was appointed by President Bush to lead an investigation into possible intelligence failures leading up to the events of September 11th 2001. On the Media checks in with Scott Armstrong, Washington journalist and founder of the National Security Archive about media coverage, or lack ...


Grey Lady Hits a Grey Area

With 32 stories in three months about the Augusta National's exclusion of women, many have accused the New York Times of leading a personal crusade against the golf tournament. When the Times spiked two recent stories that disagreed with the editorial page on the matter those same critics asked whether ...


Back to Baghdad

This Sunday marks the deadline for Iraq to present a thorough accounting of its weapons of mass destruction programs. In a bit of TV serendipity, it's also the weekend HBO premiers a docu-drama about the last war in Iraq, called "Live from Baghdad." The film stars Michael Keaton as CNN ...


More Accurately

Filmmaker Michael Moore gained fame with the 1989 movie "Roger and Me," a look at the closing of the GM plants in Flint, Michigan. He was denied an academy award nomination for best documentary either because the film was too anti-establishment (his explanation) or, as it later came out, because ...


The Passing of a Legend

Roone Arledge, who died this week, has been dutifully eulogized as a giant of modern broadcasting, first with ABC Sports, then as president of ABC news. The creator of "Wide World of Sports," Monday Football" and the slow-motion replay made no less of a mark on TV news than on ...


Deliberating Frontline

The award-winning public television program Frontline is trying to go where no camera has gone beforeā€¦ into a room where a jury is deliberating a capital murder case. Bob speaks with Professor Gerald Treece of the South Texas College of Law in Houston who opposes cameras in the jury room ...


Screen Shrinks

This weekend, the sequel to the comedy, "Analyze This!" opens nationwide. It's called "Analyze That! and it continues the saga of a psychiatrist played by Billy Crystal, treating mob boss Robert DeNiro. Anyway, it got OTM's Sara Fishko to thinkingā€¦


Really At Large

OTM bids farewell to Producer-At-Large Mike Pesca


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