November 22, 2002

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Friday, November 22, 2002

A reporter who was in Rwanda at the time of the genocide, struggles to tell the story of what he saw.

Homeland Security?

This week both houses of Congress passed the Homeland Security Act, which will result in the biggest overhaul of the federal bureaucracy in 50 years. The Act will have broad ramifications—from the relationship of the federal government with its citizens, to suppressing previously public information. Bob speaks with Mark Tapscott, ...


On the Military Beat

Over 100 journalists gathered this week to discuss the challenges they’ll face should they need to cover a war in Iraq. Among them were both hardened war correspondents and wartime cub reporters—and they’re all members of a newly formed group called Military Reporters and Editors, or MREs. Brooke speaks with ...


Live from Boot Camp

Some military reporters are gearing up by attending the Pentagon’s reporter training sessions. Sig Christenson, military reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and member of MREs, speaks with Brooke from the frontline of training for military journalists.


Magazine Covers in Black and White

Next time you’re at the newsstand, take a look for a minority cover girl. Chances are, you won’t find one.


Is Stuart Scott Frontin?

For a lot of sports fans, ESPN’s "SportsCenter" is a must-see on Sunday nights. One of the main attractions? Co-host Stuart Scott. He’s best-known for punctuating plays with a "Boo-yaa!" or "Hollaaa!!" but where does Scott’s infectious hip-hop lingo come from, and why does he use it? OTM’s Leon Wynter ...

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Captain America

This week, Marvel Comics kicked off a series that re-imagines the classic hero, Captain America. "Truth: Red, White and Black" begins with the revelation that blond-haired, blue-eyed Steve Rogers was not the first American to be injected with the Army’s Super-Soldier serum. Instead, the truth comes out that the Army ...


Olympic Sized Issues

Until just about a week before the announcement that New York City would host the 2012 Summer Olympics, most New Yorkers didn’t even know their city was in the running. Organizers insist that locals are in favor of hosting the international event, but many still have questions. As the public ...


"100 Days in Rwanda"

Shot at the actual scenes of the mass murders of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, "100 Days in Rwanda" is a new film about the horror that took place there. Before "100 Days," director and co-producer Nick Hughes had already made documentaries about the genocide—but in this new endeavor, he and ...


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