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Friday, August 01, 2008


WNYC staffers Elaine Rivera and Corey Takahashi went to the Unity ’08 Journalists’ convention last week and weren’t they surprised when their neighbor at the next table turned out to be the CIA! Hear what convention-goers made of the Agency’s presence.

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Brian Laughlin from NYC

The CIA sitting at the CIA table is certainly odd, but hardly worth fearing. It's the CIA that is sitting covertly at other tables that we need to worry about.

Aug. 06 2008 10:28 PM
Bill Principe from Ayer, Massachusetts

Hearing these journalists complain about the presence of a CIA recruiter helps me understand why American news reporting is so biased to the far left. The journalists all talked about the CIA like it was some sort of secret cabal of ghouls instead of an agency of THEIR government, helping protect THEIR rights to write their slanted "journalism." If they really feel that the CIA is some kind of secret club, then they should welcome the recruiter as an opportunity for journalists to see the CIA from the inside, and perhaps to even change it. It seems these journalists are afraid of the truth, a terrible indictment of our liberal press.

Aug. 03 2008 02:40 PM

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