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Friday, August 01, 2008

Half a year ago, Brooke looked around the office, noticed nobody was wearing an On the Media tee-shirt and, in a typical moment of Brookeian desperation, took to the microphone imploring you, the listeners, to do something about it. And a few of you actually did try to send us designs for an original OTM tee-shirt, but we weren't ready for you.

Now we are. Seriously, this time we mean it. Project OTM Tee-shirt starts right now. Go to our website, see the rules and regulations, find out how to submit your design and learn about the glory that awaits you if your design is chosen as the most fetching.

We'll keep making the radio show. You design the shirt. Go to OntheMedia.org for all the information you need. The contest will end August 25th, so act now. Get the specifics and start designing. It’s Project OTM Tee-shirt. We're standing by. Good luck. This is On the Media from NPR.