Dress to Repress

Friday, August 22, 2008


When Pervez Musharraf traded in his military uniform for a suit and tie, or Castro embraced an Adidas track suit, it was that rare moment when dictatorial politics and the sartorial sweep of history collide. OTM takes this idea one step too far with Project Runway: Strongman Edition.

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Dean Shan from Alaska

I thought this was a great spot to end the show. Makes me wish it was the next challenge on Project Runway.

Aug. 26 2008 01:12 PM


I know this because a student of mine once came up to me when I was wearing an adidas (all lower case) shirt and said, "All day I dream about sex." I stared blankly and said, "Excuse me?" "All day I dream about sex," she said. Then she pointed at my logo. "You know--adidas: All Day I Dream About Sex."

"Oh, " I said. "Ha. Ha."

It was creepy, which made the fact that she did the same damned thing--and got the same damned reaction from me--two weeks later all the more disconcerting.

Aug. 25 2008 06:06 PM
Alexis from Brooklyn

That was the most amusing thing I've heard in awhile.
Good form!

Aug. 25 2008 01:57 PM
Richard Whiteford from Downingtown, Pennsylvania

This is an email sent to me by a friend of mine, Jeffry Snyder in respnse to an email I sent to him. I thought it would make a good topic for your show. If you have an interest in doing something with it, I'll be glad t put in touch with Jeff. I think he should be the one to be interviewed.
Too true. It seems many folks have lost the ability to discern fact from fiction for themselves. They are much happier to let someone else tell them what to do and what to think. It's like the belief that Wikipedia will provide one with accurate information because we're told it's self-regulating. However, when a witty artist I know very well decided to put it to the test, he created a short article describing a bogus historical event couched in enough real history to make it seem plausible and provided real looking citations (which can't be checked on line) and sure enough that article has been on the site for roughly a year. Check it out. The article's improbable title is: The Oyster Injustice. P.T. Barnum would have felt right at home in this day and age.

In a message dated 7/6/2008 8:31:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, savebiosphere3@verizon.net writes:
That’s what the book, Megatrends was all about.

Aug. 24 2008 05:31 PM
Uncle Eddie

Was this supposta be funny?

Aug. 23 2008 10:56 PM
Mary from Reed City, Michigan

I sincerely hope you made this article known to Heidi, Tim and the designers. I love it - should be a video for this as well. Thank you for the giggles this morning.

Aug. 23 2008 08:14 AM

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