A Week in the Life

Friday, September 26, 2008


Brooke and Bob reflect on some of the McCain campaign's challenging media moments this week. Some highlights? A near mutiny by reporters, a much criticized interview performance, and the wrath of Letterman.
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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

You folks (yeah, I recall your segment on that word) can tend to get one-sided, sometimes. Well, at least "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" covered the Biden gaffs, so I won't be blind-sided by Dittoheads!

Meanwhile, SNL really missed the opportunity to exaggerate Obama's stuttering in the debate to comic effect though I thought it was nice that they put his association with Chicago's reputation for corrupt politics in his mouth rather than Jim Lehrer's.

It must have been difficult to imagine ways that the Palin interviews could be exaggerated, so they just settled for more of what we saw in reality.

The McCain character's last lines pretty much seemed to reflect the real McCain's current inner truth. All his microphoned chuckling through the debate (a rudeness studiously ignored by the same press which skewered Gore for his sighs) seemed a bit demented.

No wonder the snap poll was so lop-sided.

Sep. 28 2008 04:10 AM
Maureen from Cleveland, OH

My suggestion to the media: keep the microphones fixed on Palin and keep the cameras trained on McCain. Thanks very much for doing a news story that brings together all of the gaffs of the McCain campaign. The choice of Palin for VP was his First Gaff, thus you saved me the time from having to collect all of these stories: Palin's stammering and moronic comments made during her interview with Couric and her isequestered meetings with heads of state. The Second Gaff: McCain's grandstanding and his grandiose and erratic threats to NOT participate in the debates (note to John: you cry "Wolf" too many times and people will stop taking you seriously). His Third Gaff: McCain's faux pas du jour of standing-up David Letterman staying he had to rush to catch a plane to Washington and THEN having his face beamed into our homes by live CBS cameras while he was having make-up applied in his interview with Couric across town. What else can we expect from Mr. McCain?

Sep. 27 2008 04:56 PM
David Rowe from Lawrenceville, NJ

Helpful and good analysis here, so far as it goes. It WAS a very bad week for McCain-Palin.

But this bordered analysis (with clips from CNN, MSNBC and CBS) seems to be a good argument for watching "Fix News," too, where many more viewers were thinking that Obama had a bad week with his running mate who (when fact checking) had the wrong president presiding over the onset of the Depression, and had him on TV 20 years before the invention of the Television.

So if we are covering the week, why not, COVER the week?

Sep. 27 2008 09:49 AM

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